Destruction 1 Destruction 2  
Destruction 3
One huge beam to go
Nearly there
Finally, we start  
  Slowly Corral   Taking shape  
  One patient bar maid One patient farrier   Fridges in while there is room  
  The man, the painter Storage space   Try the counter  
  Precision work Cladding   L-shaped counter  
  More cladding Now the roof   Corner detail, with post  
  Any ideas about the roof? Unused space, at present   Cladding missing  
  Storage unfinished, but stuff in there already Man with the varnish, Ronseal Diamond Hard Floor   Supports for shutter  
  Shutter more complicated than thought Side cladding nearly finished   Shutter box in  
  Optics moved Start of roof   And more  
  Roof done Side cladding done   Finished, apart from varnish decision  
    There you go, open for business