Boring holes for support piers Preparing perimeter level  
Outer support rails, level to drive

Small rails to match curvature, 100 x 50mm tanalized

Hours of work around curved flower bed
Align beams at 400mm, facilitating marks for holes
  Piers set between 600 and 800mm, 100 x 100 sawn, treated Beams scarffed to match curved wall   Skeleton built to accommodate inspection hatch  
  Another view Construction around window well   Client now requests decking to shed  
  Level, elevated skeleton 5 degree slope down to steps   Start of top decking  
  Edging strips needed Difficult cuts   And another  
  Elevated joists @ 400 centres Many blocks around curved wall   Adapting for inspection cover  
  Kilometres of joists Removeable inspection cover   Sigh of relief  
  Decision made to deck far area Thank you whoever invented the scribe   Archway changed completely  
  New arris rail reversed on to original arris rail to support decking boards Ready to be trimmed   Trimmed  
  Light show     Different angle  
  Supported by Wickes, Screwfix, Envirobuild, D & S Tool Hire, Crescent Building Supplies